German Napoleon

From Alternate History

Duke Joseph Ferdinand Leopold of Bavaria survives his premature death (1699, age 6), and a reformed treaty of The Hague (originally 1698) solves the Spanish succession. Charles VI of Austria keeps Milan the Tuscany ports, and Spanish Netherlands, while Dauphin Charles would be given Naples and Sicily, plus Gipuskoa.

No war of Spanish succession as Joseph I assumes as king of Spain and her American provinces, independent from both Austria and France.

Charles VI of Austria finally have a son preventing a war of Austrian succession. Soon Vienna flourish competing with Paris as the cradle of enlightenment.

By 1780 a strong anti-monarchy movement explodes in Austria, and during the civil war, an originally loyalist general, born in Saxony, Leopold von Wettin, becomes the indisputable leader after the Emperor dies in 1789 in an assault. Von Wettin, becomes first dictator and by 1793, he was recognized by most parties as the new Austrian leaders.

Von Wettin plan, after defeating all the reminded opposition in the Austrian territories (including Austrian Netherlands and Italy) was to revive the Holy Roman Empire as a political unity. In 1797 in Frankfurt he declares himself as Emperor of the Germans and the Austrians, recognized by Bavaria, Liege, Prussia-Brandenburg, Saxony, among other electorates.

By 1800, Von Wettin ruled over a unified Northern Italy, a unified Germany, Poland and Austria. France and Britain joined a coalition against Von Wettin, but they did not accomplished much. After some important defeats in the battlefield, France ceded Alas-Loraine to the Germans in 1806. Russia joined the coalition against Austria-Germany, and most of the action moved to the eastern front. Von Wettin allied with the Ottomans and the Swedes, focus on an aggressive campaign aimed to Petersburg and Ukraine.

Russia sign a treaty in 1811 ceding Ukraine and the Baltic territories to the Turks, Austrian and Swedes. But disagreements with the Turks lead to hostilities between Von Witten and the Ottoman Empire. Von Witten moves into freeing the Balkans from Ottoman control, and unifying Italy. In 1814 the French are defeated in Southern Italy and the Italian kingdom is proclaimed.

In the Battle of Sarajevo, in 1817, Von Witten is defeated by a coalition of Turks and British and captured.

In the treaty of Frankfurt in 1819, the European leaders redraw the map of Europe.