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It is common understanding among Elsifian scholars that there exists these two siblings, Ismon and Lomer. None of them was an original creator buy they are the closest thing to a creator for anything human related. They were antagonist forces competing for the power to influence on human ideas on the understanding that, given humans have finite mortal souls, they survive through ideas. Ismon relies on controlling ideas while Lomer tactic was to let ideas be created and tested. Lomer wants to challenge human minds and there are some fables in ancient mythology such as the story of Prometheus and Pandora in Greek mythology or the serpent in Hebrew mythology where this idea of promoting human knowledge is deemed as the cause of all evil, which is actually a mechanism brought by Ismon to keep control on human ideas. So in the scripture, which is nothing but human fiction inspired by ideas of Ismon, Lomer if portrayed as the antagonist, the satan, while Ismon herself is portrayed as the god with no name (in original Hebrew, it got later translated as Jehovah or Yahweh), and later identified as incarnated in this obscure rabi, Yoshwa ben-Joseph, also known as Yoshwa the Nazarite, or Jesus the Nazarene, although no original transcription of actual Yeshwa's teachings were, except for one obscure verse in John, which has been proven to be a later forgery, in any other account Yeshwa never identified himself as neither Ismon or Yahweh (or any other deity). So, in no way is Jesus a creator god. It only comes from a series of assumptions that Jesus is actually an incarnation of Ismon, that Ismon is the unnamed creator and the only being deserving the title of god, and therefore the capital-G God. All those assumptions come from an accommodate reading of the Bible which is human myths as written and controlled by influence of Ismon herself. Meanwhile any kind of critical thinking is regarded (which it is somehow accurate) as the influence of the antagonist, the satan: Lomer, although it is painted as negative because it challenges control by Ismon which is actually the evil twist of religion.

Now, Lomer doesn't want to be worshipped. Any religion that is based on worshipping Lomer (or Lucifer, or whatever name it takes in your mythology) is actually the work of Ismon. The real way to honor Lomer is by forgetting that the truth is in any kind of scripture or evangelical or apologetic literature and using your senses to test reality.